German driving questions theoretical and practical on your phone

A foreign tourist has the right to drive ordinary cars without buses or trucks with a driver’s license issued to him by his country. This is valid for a limited period of six months

It may be extended for a year. In order to avoid complications, it is recommended that the driver’s license be translated into German or English and notarized by an official authority.

Those who have taken up residence in Germany for a long period of time must replace the national license with a German one. This may entail, according to the provisions of the state in which he lives, that he must pass the driving test.

As for those who intend to drive a car for a long time in the event of traveling to several European countries, they should obtain an international driving license from their country. German traffic laws also require everyone to wear seat belts and abide by all instructions

Otherwise, they will be subjected to a financial fine or other penalties up to the withdrawal of the German driver’s licence, especially during the first two years after obtaining the German license, as it is considered a trial period and those who want to drive cars in Germany must realize the danger posed by

And to have a valid insurance outside his country as well.

The license goes through stages:
1) First aid certificate

Erste Hilfe
2) Attending 12 theoretical lectures (and it can be less if there is a driver’s license from the trainee’s country)

12 theories learning

3) A theoretical test approximating 924 questions in 14 chapters

4) Conducting at least 12 basic hours in changing conditions such as darkness on highways and within residential neighborhoods (and less in the case of a driver’s license from the trainee’s country)

Sonderfahrten Klasse B ■
bei Ersterwerb oder Erweiterung von einer anderen Klasse

Fahrstunden Überland Fahrstunden Autobahn Dunkelfahrten

Dauer der Fahrprüfung: 45 min

5) Practical test with the coach

führerscheinprüfung praktisch

This is a site that helps you to train to pass the exam. All you have to do is specify the type of license. It contains more than 900 questions.

TestBogen Fahrschule

These stages are accomplished by registering in a driving center and choosing the type of car, automatic or normal. Of course, it is written in the license that the type of car is normal or automatic, so that the ordinary license holder is allowed to drive automatic and vice versa. Training sessions and lessons are taken, and there are qualified people who teach and train
Prices range according to the education center and according to the type of car, automatic or normal. Of course, the hours of training on the automatic are more expensive than the normal, while the automatic takes fewer hours of training than the normal, and the price of training in normal hours is different from driving in difficult conditions in the dark or on the bus, where the trainee is obligated To spend certain hours in difficult circumstances
• Registration in the center and taking lectures 195 euros

A book or a CD or a website on the scientific material on driving and traffic signs and some information about the yards in the car, and its value is 80 euros
• A paper that you are ready to enter the theory test with training for the test in the center 25 euros
• The theory test 20,83 euros. If you fail the test, you will repeat it after two weeks and pay again
• An automatic watch from 38 to 45 euros, according to the training center
• Normal hour from 32 to 38 euros, depending on the training center
• A paper that you are ready to enter the practical test 108 euros
• The practical lab test is 80 euros. When you fail, you take 10 compulsory classes, return it and pay again
• If you want to change the position, pay 10 euros

And now download all the theoretical questions in Arabic

When downloading, just wait five seconds and press SKIP in the upper right corner of the screen

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